Horse Woman

2011 - 2015

Horse Woman is a story about a woman who falls in love with a horse. She loves the horse so much that over time her treatment of the horse begins to border on neglect. Horse Woman looks at the relationship between animal and human; the differences, similarities and actions taken.

The story climaxes with the horse’s death as it accidentally jumps off a cliff whilst trying to run away. As the woman has completely isolated herself from everyone and everything, it is up to her to move the horses body and dispose of it.

Horse Woman, is a multi layered piece that carries a complex investigation into the mind of a young woman. The relationship between the woman and the horse has become so convoluted that it becomes difficult to tell which is woman and which is horse, or if the horse or woman exist at all. Horse Woman delivers a story of madness, isolation and obsession.


2 Weeks - 2011

Atelier creates a lab like situation for its spectator(s) due to the space of the artist’s studio becoming a cage environment for the performer which mimics the interior space of the finches’ cage (focusing on nesting materials). The lab atmosphere is highlighted by the monitor outside of the space which acts as a zoo cam (or a surveillance) not only does it press on the voyeuristic tendencies of its viewer but also causes the performer to be very aware that she is being watched even if she is unaware, this in turn causes a tension between the performer and the viewer. Atelier takes the position of an Ornithologist through the research and ideology carried out during the performance, such as nest making, sound tests (playing the finches other bird songs including their own and recording their response) and finally creating a caged space. All of which are developed with the assistance of Darwin’s study on finches whereby he researched the same areas as well as the variety of finch beaks.

Bucket Woman


Bucket Women was developed using a series of mediums including, performance, writing, photography and sound. To create Bucket Women an investigation was made in to the biographies of four female artists through interview and extended research.The artists included, Rebecca Weeks, Alexandra Zierle, Hester Berry and Martina Vermorel. The work focuses on the question of the life of an artist being as important as the artists work as well as this (and crucially) the work effectively dissects the significance of a male counterpart in each of the artists work.

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